p h i l o s o p h y

We create EARTH-friendly, INGREDIENT-conscious SKINc͟͟a͟͟r͟͟e͟͟.

Mindfully made in Brooklyn, NY using responsibly-sourced ingredients. 
Purely plant-powered, certified cruelty-free and vegan. 

Our skincare is gently blended by hand at our private Brooklyn studio space, in small recorded batches, to our own extensively researched and carefully tested formulations. Inspired by the ethical principle of AHIMSA, or 'अहिंसा', a Sanskrit word referring to non-harm of the self, other living beings and Mother Earth. We believe this includes our own living, breathing skin. What we put ON our body, is just as significant as what we put IN our body. Our skin is the largest organ and as it is porous it has the ability to absorb some, or all, of what we apply topically. That's why we are committed to creating healthy skincare using only the freshest, finest quality, responsibly-sourced, sustainably harvested organic and fair trade ingredients. Specifically formulated to be FREE-FROM harsh skin weakening non-fatty alcohols, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic dyes, artificial flavours & fragrances, GMOs, pesticides, petroleum, parabens, synthetic preservatives, water, fillers or thickeners. We seek out the purest, concentrated goodness with conscious consideration, endeavoring to reduce our environmental impact on Mother Earth. We source locally, when possible. When something can’t be found locally, we promise to only buy traceable ingredients from trusted growers, producers, certified organic and fair trade suppliers, globally. We're proud to package with biodegradable, and recyclable materials where possible. Only essential shipping materials are used in order to reduce waste. We will continually strive to find the most sustainable solutions available.

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